7 Year Itch

Born out of the ashes of Bees Make Honey and Charlie Dore's band, 7 Year Itch breezed onto the circuit boasting an impressive pedigree, not least of whom was their illustrious friend and more often than not guest member Albert Lee. Labelled country rock long before Alt country and Americana became fashionable, they were always more Band than Eagles, and more Doug Sahm than Poco. A typical set would feature songs by Gram Parsons, Levon Helm, Chuck Berry, The Moonlighters and a clutch of originals. They were the darlings of Camdens Royal Exchange, until the place could no longer contain their huge following, and they kept a full diary both home and in Europe. Along with Juice on the Loose, they were the subject of a BBC documentary, and the two bands often double headlined together. Eventually, those heady days made way for other projects, but now, original members Chris Hargrave (vocals, guitar, harmonica), Mick Molloy (guitar, vocals), Paul Atkinson (drums) have reformed the band, and have been joined on bass by former Ace and Frankie Miller bass player Tex Comer. They promise a bunch of new stuff as well as some old Itch faves, so slip into your dancing pumps, let what's left of your hair down, and enjoy....!!!!