Bjorn Belief!

There are many, many ABBA tribute bands, who all claim to be the best. To Abba2, the most important thing is the sound, followed by resemblance and overall attention to detail.

The reason for ABBA2's success is obvious. No-one mimes, these are seriously good musicians who could play anything they choose. Colin and Peter's (Benny & Bjorn) influences are classical, folk and jazz, and they also are heavily into their own writing programmes, while Lorraine and Tina have their own singing careers in writing and performing.

They have also developed a unique brand of humour which delights the audience and brings a new dimension to the entertainment side of the show, without compromising any of the wonderful ABBA music.

"Musically excellent, thoroughly entertaining with just the right amount of chat" - The Stage

"The best ABBA tribute I have seen" - Vern Allen

Featuring ALL the hits, costume changes, plenty of fun and dazzling harmonies ABBA2 deliver the consummate ABBA show!