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It's easy to be impressed by a tribute band these days-there are so many of them about. Until of course, you've seen Alike Cooper. These guys not only play the full Alice Cooper repertoire from the '70's to present day-that would be easy. No - these guys also put on the no-holds barred, full-on, unadulterated rock horror show that is Mr Alice Cooper-Vince to his friends.

If you haven't witnessed an Alike Cooper show before - stand well back - things tend to get 'messy'. These guys are all from ex-name bands such as Paul D'Ianno, Blaze Bayley, Black Rose and know how to play. Add an electric chair, Psycho Nurse, Dr Rock and fill the stage with de-capitated heads, skeletons, blow-up dolls, entrails and pig's blood and you have a formula for mayhem - not for the faint-hearted or indie fans. This is just a few nice things said about the band:

"The music was excellent-I've never really been an Alice Cooper fan but after hearing and seeing this band, I'm well on my way to being converted" - 100% Biker March issue

"Not only was the show superb, they are also capable of drinking ANY bar dry! See them at your peril and preferably on a large stage with a medical enclosure at the front!" - Acoustic Café, Soho

"The band acquitted themselves well, especially on 'Halo of Flies', which was excellent. They've certainly spent time studying the songs and the bass and lead lines are very well done" - Sick Things UK website

The music was brilliant, the effects were suitably over the top and on pure entertainment value I would have to rate this band as one of THE tributes around at the moment - miss them at your peril!!!! - live review of gig at Easington Rock Garden by Riffs Magazine