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4 musicians from different cultural backgrounds come together through their love and experience of music to create an original and unique sound:

Sedat Sarici - Bass - Embarking on a music career at a young age, in 1989, Sarici gave bass recitals in Bursa before moving to London. He attended the University of London, Goldsmiths College, City Lit and Musicians Academy, acquiring Jazz Composition and arrangement accreditations. He has also composed music for live theatre, visual arts, and dance and film projects.
His compositions have been performed in England, Turkey, Germany, Greece, Holland, America and Luxemburg. He has written essays and articles on world and music issues that have been published in periodicals and newspapers. Sarici is committed to pushing the limits of the bass guitar and enhancing the traditional role of the instrument by composing solo pieces for the instrument, which embrace melodic and harmonic ideas fused with oriental influences. He is currently continuing on his musical journey with ArtEast through recording and live performance.

Naim Korudag - Guitars - Korudag was born In Cyprus, Nicosia. His commitment to music began at an early age with the violin. When he was 16, Korudag took part in many National Dance Competitions and performances in Cyprus, acquiring a number of trophies and plaques. After studying music at the Gazi University Institute of Music in Ankara, Korudag moved to Istanbul where he embarked on a prolific career as a guitarist that led to his performing with various established musicians and artists, at Festivals and many prominent venues around Istanbul.
In 1996 Korudag moved on to London England where he developed his musicianship at the University of London and Goldsmiths College in music workshop skills. Korudag has composed music for theatre, film and visual arts projects in the past and continues to do so. In ‘98 his artistic contributions helped form the group ArtEast , where Korudags' marrying of Mediterranean music with a universal style has played a significant role in the identity of the groups music.

Joachim K. Greve - Drums - Born in 1968 in Recke’de (West Germany), Greve began playing the drums at the age of eight. After studying drums and percussion instruments at the drum school Dante Agostini in Duesseldorf, Greve received first prize for the Superieux award in Paris.
He has appeared in concerts, tours and albums with renown musicians as Charles Womack, Dieter Teuber Trio, Earl Green, Shabitatabaka, The Mynah Birds, SMILE, RAW and TRASH. No matter the style Greve always endeavours to make his mark on the music he is involved in.

James Lascelles - Keyboards & Percussion - After starting out with a Classical training on the piano by his mother, Lascelles has embarked upon a productive career that has encompassed many different genres of music at various venues, festivals and Albums. His recording contracts include works with L Shankar, Frank Zappa, Joan Armitrading, Shusha, Annette Peacock, Sly & Robbie and Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry. His works also involve composing and playing in many theatre, film and TV projects like The Jackal, Mazda, Levi Jeans, The Odyssey, London Int. Film School.
It was his interest in ethnic music that took him to the states for ten years to document, record, and understand tribal music in the Americas. There he established his tribal music International label and released recordings of the Hopi, Pueblo and Navajos. He also worked in conjunction with the University of Albuquerque, with his own weekly radio show for seven years, ‘Global Tribal Music’, as well as lecturing and demonstrating ethnic American music. Nowadays he is as much at home playing keyboards as he is with Djembe, Balafons, Kalimbas, Ghatam, Dulcimer and Darbuka, performing around the world.