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Banned on the Run Celebrate 25 years of McCartney

Banned on the Run, featuring Bob Bartley as "Macca", celebrated a quarter of a century of Paul McCartney's solo career at the Boom Boom Club. The world was stunned when the Beatles broke up in 1970 and it is fair to say that many fans were equally surprised at the speed with which Paul McCartney stepped out as a solo recording artist.

25 years on, Sir Paul remains at the very top of his musical powers, and to celebrate the anniversary of Paul McCartney's solo career and his favourite songs with the Beatles, Bob Bartley and Banned On The Run will be playing the show that has seen them headline the Beatles convention at the Cavern Club on over five record breaking occasions.

Bob Bartey does not try to be a Paul McCartney look alike but many have observed he does have Paul's doe eyes and he certainly has the voice. If you close your eyes, you could be listening to the man himself. The group perform an extensive catalogue of Macca's solo work from "Maybe I'm Amazed" to the "Run Devil Run" album, as well as taking in "Jet", "Silly Love Songs", and "Let It Roll".

Paul's Beatles career is equally covered as Bob and his band take in both the hugely popular "Yesterday", "All My Loving", and "Eleanor Rigby", as well as "I Saw her Standing there", "Lady Madonna", and album tracks such as "Back In The USSR" and "Got To Get You into My Life", which was a hit for Cliff Bennett.

"We don't play many shows in London", confides Bob. "But I think it is fair to say that once we conquered the Liverpool fans we approach taking the show on the road with some confidence. We love the music and are as bigger fans as anyone who comes to the show, and we hope the show reflects that."