Eric Blakely

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A blistering rock guitarist playing the best of power pop and the best of Americana, Eric is already well known to fans and critics this side of the Ocean, having won everyone over on the recent songwriters tour, which included Susan Gibson (writer of the Dixie Chicks hit “wide open spaces”)

Eric has also performed with Mary McBride & Steve Wynn (the dream syndicate), headlined with his own band & performed solo shows in the UK, each time winning over legions of fans with his music ability and friendly nature.

"Eric Blakely is an Austin based songwriter and performer of bright, witty, and erudite country - pop songs." -
Nick West - Bucket Full Of Brains, London

"Blakely, like all good song writers, can deliver a song that'll make you cry and promptly follow it with one that evokes laughter." -
Jim Beal - San Antonio Express

"One of the most promising young Austin Songwriters."
Claudia Perry - Houston Post