BLANCHE "If We Can't Trust The Doctors" Loose Music

Left field alt. country that finds its antecedents 35 years or so before, in the compilation below...

How to approach an album like this? Turn down the lights, imagine a road movie yet to be made, and file under a gothic slice of fractured Americana

More simply Blanche are perhaps better understood as the latest Americana Garage rockers from Detroit, with a David Lynch take on life, previously similarly explored by the likes of Giant Sand and the Handsome Family, and before that Camper Van Beethoven

The title track in fact comes very close to Dead Can Dance, and in a sense mines a musical territory that is far from new, but ultimately it’s just the clever juxtaposition of styles that impresses.

The big guitar intro and banjo of “So Long Cruel World”” are as imposing as Dan John Miller’s vocals which somehow manage to combine real presence with a paranoid edge. The elements are beautifully wrapped up and resolved in a sweeping chorus. The same insistent vocals work equally well on the caustic “Garbage Picker”, and there’s a fine duet with Tracee Miller on “Another Lost Summer”, a number that burst from its rustic beginnings to a climactic sweep and before going back to its country roots.

Blanche are a band full of contradictions, musical twists and turns and dense but hugely interesting lyrics as on “Jack On Fire”. This is one hell of an album, that gives you more with repeated listening. Click here to view the video of "Do You Trust Me"

Here is a complete track from
If We Can't Trust The Doctors:
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Blanche were number 2 in the July 2004 playlist and number 5 in the August 2004 playlist

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