Blues Shakeout

Blues Shakeout plays electric blues, with influences from 50’s Chicago through to the 70’s South. There’s just a hint of country in there too.

It's basically an uptempo Rhythm & Blues experience and they play a lot of repeat gigs ranging from ‘listening’ audiences at pub, club and specialist venues, through to ‘mad-for-it’ jive dancing club audiences.

Undoubtedly accomplished, their energy and enthusiasm lifts them above the average pub blues band” - East Magazine July 2003

Big, full sound…fresher sound…A band worth looking out for.” – Blues in Britain Sept 2003

It's a full-sounding six-piece (and dedicated soundman, Steve Bull):
Craig Booth: Bass and an estate car
Dave Danger: Vocals and bad jokes
Corrado Di Ianni: Guitar and full-on flash
Jim Lowton: Drums (and mandolin, banjo, bass, piano, guitar - bloody Renaissance Man, innit)
Carl Marshall: Tenor and alto saxes, harp and a reputation
Tony Ward: Keyboards and a talent for falling down stairs.

Based on the South Coast, they play regularly at a number of great venues, including Pissarro’s, Hastings which is well-known as a 4-night a week Jazz & Blues venue.

Highlight gigs include the National Blues Festival, Burnley; The Rivoli Ballroom, Lewisham and the Boogaloo Blues Festival.

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