Bobby Cochran Band

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Bobby Cochran the singer, guitarist, writer, producer and nephew of the late Eddie Cochran plays an exclusive Boom Boom show

If Eddie Cochran is best remembered for Summertime Blues, CíMon Everybody, Three Steps To Heaven and Somethiní Else, then his nephew Bobby is best known as a Guitar master who not only plays brilliantly but has pioneered designing guitars and effects, through guitar clinics all round the globe from the US to Japan.

Described by the influential Rolling Stone magazine as "Oneof the best guitarists in the USA", Bobby has enjoyed a busy and colourful career which has included playing and recording with Steppenwolf, The Flying Burrito Brothers, Leon Russell, Billy Cobham, the Grateful Deadís Bob Weir and Little Featís Kenny Gradney. Additionally Bobby has also played with Weather Reportís Alphonso Johnson; Kim Carnes; Don Preston and Sneaky Pete Kleinow.

Aside from his sessions and tours with other artists, Bobby has fashioned his own solo career with a mix of solo albums, film and video sound tracks. He recently won the Guitar Player Magazine Best Acoustic Guitar Album of the Year award, together with the brilliant Adrian Legg, although Bobby has since settled back into an electric groove withhis band on the Bobby Cochran Rock & Country album.

Bobbyís own current UK album Private Edition is a fine mix of his Uncle Eddieís influenced Rock & Roll, Rhythm and Blues and a dash of Country.

Bobby has toured the world, and has been variously described as An exhilarating guitarist and Oneof the best guitarists in the country...his playing glistens with spontaneity, and simply brilliant by New Time Magazine.

Joining Bobby for this exclusive London show will be bassist Brian Hodgson (Albert Lee; George Harrison; Matchbox) and former Shakin Stevens & Hank Wangford, drummer Howard Tibble.

So whether you are a rock & roller, Country fan, blues or r&b fan, guitar freak, or merely paying homage to the late, great Eddie Cochran, donít miss his one off special show.