Bobby Rush

2) BOBBY RUSH "Folk Funk" Ruf Records

Bobby RushFolk Funk is the term Bobby uses for his essential brand of cross over soulful blues. A bluesman with real pedigree, Bobby it seems has kept ahead of the game by always keeping an eye one the bigger picture. Thus he's revered as a blues man but could just as easily be admired for his soulful funky approach, his flamboyant lide shows, and his sheer durability in the club circuit.

Born Emmey Ellis Junior in Louisiana, Bobby made the usual musical shift to Chicago before currently settling in Mississippi. Voted best Live performer on countless occasions by Living Blues magazine, Bobby serves up a mixture of blues boogie, gospel, shuffles and funky soul in a well produced album that finds him in fine form.

Special guest, guitarist Alvin Youngblood Hart plays some nice rhythm on the full blooded shuffle "Ninety Nine", and while Bobby adds a few telling harp flurries.

Bobby's early 70'a hit "Chicken Heads - refried" follows, complete with a rap intro and a deep funky groove, and you can even overlook the derivative origins of the Rush penned "Ride In My Automobile", and Rush arranged "Saints Gotta Move" as he makes both pieces all his own.

"Everybody Knows" is a geographic and part biographical trawl through his blues roots, all restrained guitar and subtle harp, while "Voodoo Man" works round a thumping rhythm track, topped by nice echo guitar, and close to the mike vocals.
By the time of the reprise of the opening "Feeling Good" groove, you realise you are possibly in the presence of an Ike Turner style blues maverick, who you just know you will keep coming back to for more.

Bobby Rush was number 2 in the August 2004 playlist