Cadillac Kings

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Britain's Top Swing Band

Direct friom the Nortodden Blues Festival, The Cadillac Kings launch their new album "Highway 17"

Featuring the award winning Gary Potts on wailing blues harp The Cadillac Kings play blues, swing, boogie, jive & Rock ‘n’ Roll with simple intentions (the way it used to be).The band's aim is similarly simple, with a mission statement to get everybody in the audience to have as much fun on the dance-floor as the band does up on the stage!!

The Cadiallac Kings are cool, hip and groovy, they dig amplified blues-harp with a real fat tone, the warm sound of a big-bodied Gibson guitar, the groove & slap of a double bass, tasty laid back shuffle drumming, a rockin’ boogie piano and vocals that can stroke your thighs or strip your paintwork!!

With Orlando Shearer - late of Otis Grand's Big Blues Band on double bass and the authentic New Orleans style vocals and Louisians Gumbo variations of of former Poorboys frontman Mike Thomas , The Cadillac Kings guarantee a party wherever they play.
Promoting their current excellent album, "Lou Ann" on Fathead records, the release has been described as follows by Ashwyn Smith from Digital Blues Radio;

"‘Lou Ann’ is a great way to spend 52 minutes, whatever you may be doing! I know it’s a cliché, but if you only buy one more CD this year, you really should buy this one!”

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