Chantel McGregor
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2013 Guitarist Of The Year & Female Vocalist Of The Year!

Promoting her current album 'Lose Control' Chantel McGregor has barely had time to catch breath after winning 2 major music awards and she’s just signed with Carvin amps (she’s using Steve Vai Legacy 3 signature model). Chantel McGregor is a unique talent on the rise.

She appeared with Clapton, played with Jeff Beck, Keith Richards and Albert Lee on the 60 Years of the Telecaster DVD, jammed with Walter Trout and Joe Bonamassa and appeared as a panellist on the BBC Masterclass show.

Her debut album is suitably titled ‘Like No Other’.

Despite being kept very busy touring the UK and playing in Europe and Scandinavia, Chantel was very proud to have been involved in the prestigious London Acoustic Guitar Show and the centenary album 100 Years of the Blues.

Imagine the technique, the tone of ROBIN TROWER, the feel of BONNIE RAIT the inspiration of HENDRIX, the influence of SRV, the energy of BONAMASSA and the intensity of TROUT all rolled into one. …….