The Chicago Thieves

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Click to visit their own websiteThe Chicago Thieves formed during early 2003 from the remaining members of the successful blues rock band, Unkle Munkle.

Craig Giles and Dave Searle were originally part of a blues band called The Gutbuckets, that formed in the late 1980’s. After several years gigging, the band members went their separate ways due to pending solo projects on the local circuit. Out of this development came the new band Unkle Munkle...

Unkle Munkle was a highly energetic and acclaimed outfit formed by Craig Giles, Dave Searle and former drummer Keith Hummerston (who was also in The Gutbuckets) during 1997. The band was then joined by James Batchelar on Keyboards and Danny Giles on guitars. After an intense period of time rehearsing up a new set of blues rock covers and original material, the band started playing at venues throughout the South East of England with great success.

The band recorded two albums. The first was ‘The Dog House Sessions’ recorded during 1998 – a mixture of blues covers and self-penned material. The strength of the bands’ own material was self-evident on this first release and it was decided that the follow-up album would be made up of completely original material. The release was entitled ‘The Player’ after the title track. All lyrics were written by Craig Giles and the music was written by James Batchelar, Danny Giles and Dave Searle. This sold well at the concerts and the material was received with enthusiasm when played live.

During January 2003 the band adopted a more ‘bluesy’ edge to their music, acquired new drummer Tony Still and decided to change their name to The Chicago Thieves deriving from the bands newly acquired Chicago blues sound.

The ‘Thieves have produced a stunning new blues set played with vibe, energy and passion. Most of the songs played are original compositions, reflecting the musical developments and prolific song-writing capabilities of the band.

Their band's demo, simply entitled ‘The Chicago Thieves’, gives a brief insight into the sheer quality, energy and power of blues music brought right up-to-date with stunning results.

During 2004 and 2005, following extensive dates throughout the South, the band entered and won the overall ‘Best Blues Band’ in the London-based Eel Pie Club’s Blues Quest. This has led to further recording to be completed.