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Claptonite - Tribute to a Legend

Claptonite easily the most authentic sounding and professional Clapton tribute on the live scene, make their debut at the Real Music Club / Dulwich Hamlet.
Offering a magnificent full production two x one hour sets , complete with controlled light show, the quartet deliver the very best from over three decades of Eric Clapton, Cream, John Mayall's Blues Breakers and highlights from both the unplugged era to the very present.

Featuring extraordinary guitarist and Chuck Norris lookalike Alan Earps, and hi energy keyboard maestro Rod Taylor, Claptonite are passionate about the music and thoroughly enjoy playing - a feeling which is instantly communicated to their live audiences. Claptonite play all over the Uk from theatres to select club dates, and recentl;y enjoyed their first Euro festival tour.

Highlights of their gigs are the Cream rock tracks Sunshine of Your Love, Badge and White Room. The original Layla from Derek and the Dominoes is included, as is the acoustic version in the unplugged set. Well-known ballads such as Wonderful Tonight and Tears in Heaven are played alongside classic old blues tracks covered by Clapton. Popular tracks from the revival of Clapton's career in the 80's include Bad Love and Forever Man.

As guitarist and Clapton/ Norris lookalike Alan Earps concludes, "Eric has recorded so many tracks, it is difficult to know which ones to play. So we compromised by playing an extra long set with carefully chosen classic numbers that we think most people will know, plus a few of our personal favourites".

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