Play the music of Eric Clapton's CREAM

Cream were the archetypal virtuoso, power rock blues trio featuring Eric Clapton, Ginger Baker and Jack Bruce, and Cream'd emulate that period of virtuoso musicianship thrillingly.

Playing a set of classic powerhouse rock blues from the late 60's and early 70's Cream'd offer a tantalising glimpse of how it used to be at the Genesis of rock. The set includes such Cream classics as Sunshine of Your Love, White Room (from which the band's tourname derives) I Feel Free, Badge, Theme from An Imaginary Western and Tales of Ulysses as well as highlights from the band's million selling albums such as Disraeli Gears, Fresh Cream, and Wheels of Fire.

Cream'd are fronted by former Frankie Miller guitarist Ray Minhinnett who wrote the TV series and book History of The Fender Stratocaster a definitive series that included interviews and music by Eric Clapton.

Minhinnett also has won the Best British Blues Album award in his own right in 1997 and is joined in this magnificent band by Savoy Brown bass player Ian Ellis and top session drummer Ken Ward.

"We have been playing Cream's music for three years now", confirms Ray. "The response suggests people still want to hear classic rock and blues. We started playing Cream material because it was the music we grew up with. We weren't sure about what audience we'd get because some of this material stretches back to 1966. But so far we've completed two extensive nationwide theatre tours, recorded a live album, and will be touring a third time this Autumn.

Cream'd don't attempt to be a tribute band who dress up, but rather allow the music to stand on its own. "Its an appreciation rather than a tribute", concludes Ray. "The bottom line is we are keeping this music alive rather than letting the dust settle on an old album collection in someone's loft." The bonus for younger fans of course is that those too young to have caught the beginning of Clapton's career and beginning of Rock itself can now relive the music, in the company of some of the very best players who thrillingly bring the classic music of Clapton / Baker / Bruce into the 21st century.