Danny Bryant's RedEyeBand

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Danny Bryant’s Red Eye Band promote their brand new ‘Night Life – Live in Holland' CD/DVD, as featured in Classic Rock’s new deluxe magazine THE BLUES.

The Blues - ‘His sledgehammer style rises to the occasion.’ Fretwork with burning intensity.’
Mojo Magazine – ‘His most mature performance yet. The firestorm of guitar is carefully contoured from wistful to impassioned
Guitarist – ‘Solid, no-bullshit blues-rock, this has tones greasier than a KFC bucket with hard-assed riffing & heartfelt soloing

Just like the original British Blues invasion of America, rock blues guitarist Danny Bryant has spent the last ten years powering his way through Europe with his heavy duty licks and power ballads. Inspired by Walter Trout, Danny’s band is a consummate road tested power trio, led by his impassioned playing, topped by a sumptuous tone and anchored by crunching chords. Danny is the real deal and he will be cranking up the best in rocking blues.

"Danny keeps the rock blues flame burning" - Walter Trout