The Diablos

Americana Night with the Diablos

The Diablos play all original Country Rock. If you want slavish renditions of famous Country tunes, put a nickel in the Jukebox. If you want to dance the night away - or just sit and listen to a full band really play - then let The Diablos do it for you. They will.

The Diablos promote their brand new CD ‘Welcome To The Club’ which like their debut album ‘The Long Road’ features well crafted original songs, honed on the road, before they ventured into the studio to attempt to capture some of that sound. ‘Welcome to the Club’ features much more of the Pedal Steel Guitar which has become an integral part of their Americana sound.
So if you want to capture the essence of those sun drenched highways, the tequila sunrises, the frenetic hoedowns, the occasional aching lament on a pedal steel guitar, some good time boogie or just good old fashioned country tinged shit kicking Tex Mex rock & roll, then take time out to check out The Diablos, because no one does it better!!