Endorphin Machine

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The ultimate PRINCE Tribute

The ten piece Endorphin Machine- complete with a dazzling horn section - bring you the full spectacle, the energy, the dynamics, the musical brilliance and of course all the very best of the artist once again known as PRINCE.
Groove to "1999", "Kiss", "Purple Rain", thrill to "Sign O The Times", "When Doves Cry" and boogie to "Little Red Corvette" & of course "Endorphin Machine"!
Check out Dale North as Prince and go crazy to one of the best funk bands on the plant as they bring Prince to life like no one else!
Reviews of the band have been excellent, but perhaps the best thing is to let the band speak for itself, before they dazzle you with their unforgettable show!
The intention was always to do this as a "big band", by doing that we can play almost everything as authentically as possible.
Pre Revolution, The Revolution, The expanded 86 Revolution, SOTT/Lovesexy band or any NPG line-up arrangement is therefore within our grasp! So basically the tools are there to perform the cold funk of the revolution through to the jazzy big band pieces of the NPG!
The core of the band are fans, big fans, and as such we play close attention to the sounds that are going on. We have embraced the Linn drum for example, and use the odd sampled loop where appropriate in an attempt to make things sound as they should. We have listened to endless amounts of live material and try and use the best arrangements.
We sound like a band who are big fans who have listened (again and again) to a lot of live material, because we are and we have!