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Blues/Soul Giant, Eugene "Hideaway" Bridges returns to Beards Blues on Saturday the 11th February.

Since leaving Big Joe Turner's Memphis Blues Caravan (see Eugene's full biog below), Eugene has become a star on the blues circuit in his own right.

Often favourably compared to the late Sam Cooke, Eugene played a handful of memorable shows at the late Worcester Park Club, and now due to popular demand we are bringing this extraordinary vocal and guitar blues talent to Sutton.

As his 2000 release 'Man Without A Home' stated, Eugene is a nomadic musician living his life on the road. His home is wherever the next performance takes him. Every year this is from America through Europe, to Australia and New Zealand with many other stops on the way.

Born in 1963, the son of the blues guitarist 'Hideaway' Slim, Eugene is the fourth child of five. From the age of five he played with his father for two years around Louisiana, then Eugene and his brothers sang gospel under the name of The Bridges Brothers. He became the musician of his church, St. Rock C.O.G.I.C., and toured with the Pastor, Elder A. A Edwards. At thirteen Eugene was entering R&B talent shows. He had also formed his own R&B band, The Five Stars.

At sixteen Eugene moved to Texas to join the Air Force, he played in the Air Force band for the next three years. On leaving he joined The New Chosen Singers on guitar and vocals and went on to play with The Mighty Clouds of Joy.

Following a move to Houston, Eugene released Blues, Gospel and R&B recordings by the three bands he was running at the time. These included the first line-up of the Eugene 'Hideaway' Bridges Band, touring the USA from coast to coast.

Eugene then travelled alone to Europe, where Big Joe Turner spotted him in Paris, offering him the position of Lead Guitarist/Vocalist with Big Joe Turners Memphis Blues Caravan.

A year later he left to work under his own name again and formed The Eugene 'Hideaway' Bridges Band. He has been receiving rave reviews for his live performances ever since. Eugene has played, often headlining, at major festivals around the world in America, England, Scotland, Ireland, France, Belgium, Sweden, Norway, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Slovenia, Singapore, New Zealand and Australia. He whips up a storm wherever he goes with his distinctive southern sound.

Eugene has been awarded vocalist of the year by the UK's Blueprint magazine and Trophees France Blues '99 - Chanteur De L'Annee.

His 2003 release 'Jump the Joint' reached Number 4 in the US Living Blues Charts, remaining in the charts for three months. He was also nominated for three US Cammy music Awards in 2003.

Eugene's live performances can be solo, four piece or full band with a three piece horn section.

Eugene 'Hideaway' Bridges - 'Man Without A Home' (Armadillo) ARMD00009 © 2000

Eugene 'Hideaway' Bridges - 'Jump The Joint' (Armadillo) ARMD00015 © 2003


"He really could be God's gift to the future of the blues."
- Cilla Huggins Juke Blues

- Mojo

"Blessed with a level of craftsmanship far beyond his years."
- Living Blues

"Look out world, Hideaway Bridges isn't hiding any more - he's coming right at you and you're going to like him."
- Blues and Rhythm

"A dynamic young bluesman whose combination of instrumental prowess, lyric and musical vision, and passionate and emotional commitment results in a refreshingly adult set full of joy and meaning."
- Living Blues #153

"Hands down one of the best of the younger crop of blues slingers. Bridges' arsenal is that rare triple threat - an outstanding vocalist, guitar player and a fine song writer."
- Jeff Harris Bad Dog Blues

"Man, can Bridges sing…. Blues soul fans take note: This hugely talented singer/songwriter/guitarist deserves to be a star."
- Jeff Calvin Blues Revue 64 2001

"If there's anyone who's ever a sure thing for blues stardom it has to be Eugene "Hideaway" Bridges, who at 40 (young in the blues world), is already one of the blues elite. The UK based Armadillo has done a classy job with this release but it's still ironic that a bluesman of his stature has to leave his own country to make a living."
- Jeff Harris Bad Dog Blues NY 2003

"His voice is his secret weapon: constricted with emotion on the upper registers, clear-timbered and sure through the middle range, it carries strong echoes of the church even as he oils it with bluesy sensuality (as well as an appropriately Texan tinge of hard-country balladry)."
- David Whiteis Living Blues # 169 2003