Jim Faupel & Colin De Souzar

Superb meeting of Viva Santana bass player Colin and Celtic singer song writer and ace slide guitarist Jim conjure up an eclectic but compelling mix of blues / r&b and original songs.

Although he has found his own voice as a songwriter, Jim Faupel is usually quick to acknowledge his debt to urban and rural blues and folk music.

It was his love of slide guitar that lead him to explore the potential of open tunings, and his unique vocal style displays a sensitivity and passion that could only have come from the blues.

Tonight Jim Faupel tips his hat to the great bluesmen who helped him develop his style. He will be ably supported by Colin De Souzar on bass; another individual and versatile musician with his own distinctive take on the blues. The stunning vocals of Jim has spanned three decades and included stints with artists such as Jackie Leven &.Chicago Loup Bassman Colin currently holds down the dance rhythms for the superb Viva Santana band, but also boasts a busy career with many of rock's notables.