Gets/z Loose
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Mixing Swampy Louisiana style and down-home blues with an unexpected Celtic influence, you never forget a Gets/z Loose performance!

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In nearly four decades, Gets/z Loose have played getting on for 1,000 gigs.
We’ve had four or five significant harmonica others over the years: Peter Hope-Evans, the late Peter Lodge, Tim Hill and now Phil Peskett. Siú Ni Ghríofa is our one and only occasional fiddler.
So, sometimes four, sometimes five, Gets/z Loose is at its core a trinity of guitar, bass and percussion (farm wire, barbed wire and empty seedboxes).
Rob Brown – vocals and percussion (hoarse vox and empty seedboxes); Rob is a teacher – retired – and a voiceover artist – not retired. A powerful vocalist and a steady, if technically crude, percussionist. Lives in a barn.
Rob Garner – guitars: amplified acoustic (farm wire)
Rob is a management guru. His guitar playing is as ringing as it is powerful. No guitarist wrung his hands to greater effect. Lives on his own hill.
Mick Mahoney – bass (barbed wire)
Mick is a singer/songwriter with a great soul/country voice. He is the beating heart before, behind and beneath the beaten breast and the beaten head of the beast that is Gets/z Loose. Lives on a boat.