Isidore Brothers Band
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The Isidore Brothers Gus & Reg have played on some of the core Classic rock albums of our time.
Gus Isidore, is a brilliant a lefty upside down guitar player who has worked with Mark Bolan, Peter Green, Peter Gabriel, Phil Lynott & was co-writer of the Seal 2 Album amongst many others in his long career.
Reg Isidore is a brilliant drummer who played on a Robin Trower’s signature albums including ‘Twice Removed From Yesterday’ & ‘Bridge of Sighs’ & on Peter Green first comeback albums including ‘Blues for Dyana’ , & ‘White Sky’, as well playing on Richard Wright (Pink Floyd) ‘Wet Dream album and Snowy White’s ‘Gold Top’.

Together they pay tribute to Hendrix, Robin Trower & their guitar faves!!