James \ Dean

James \ Dean

“Over The Edge” Ingram LeBrun Music

It’s not very often a countryish album makes such a big impact on this play list. But James Watson and Steve Dean make an enormous impact with their cutting edge harmonies and Americana style lyrics.

James\Dean Over The Edge CD CoverAcoustic/electric guitar led chords, booming choruses, and the occasional Byrds style chiming guitars all hit home. The above combination fills out “Livin&Livin Right”, and the duo sound like a cross between Ezio and The Libertines on the poppy acoustic sweep that underpins the road tale of ”Joe & Loreno”, a song complete with magnificent pedal steel from Russ Pahl.

Johnny Neel adds both telling piano and organ fills, on the anthemic “Fourth & Main”, and the together with song writing cohort Billy Montana, James/Dean also score on the ballad “Everbody’s Talking”, a self penned effort not to be confused with Harry Nilsson.

Finally, the languid rock & roll of the forthcoming single “Fire Red Thunderbird”, includes classy riffs and even a lyrical pun on James Dean. The closing title track is different to what’s gone before, it’s a far more straight ahead, riff driven piece, but a fine closing track to a great album.

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