Jane Lee Hooker

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Explosive rock/blues band from NYC


Nominated for The Deli’s Best of 2014 Poll for Emerging NYC Artists, JLH is a blistering blues monster capable of whispering in your ear before stomping on your heart.

Tracy 'Hightop' (Nashville Pussy, Helldorado, Wives); Tina 'T-Bone' Gorin (Helldorado, Bad Wizard); Melissa 'Cool Whip' Houston (Josh Joplin); Hail Mary Zadroga (Wives, Futurex); Dana 'Danger' Athens, are by no means new to the game.
Between them, they have decades of experience in the studio and on the road. Individually, the members of JLH have played for thousands of fans while sharing bills with bands like Motörhead, MC5, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Aerosmith, and Deep Purple.

So how’d this gang of pros find each other? Guitarists Hightop and T-Bone honed their love of blazing dual leads in Helldorado in the ’90s. From there, Hightop joined Nashville Pussy, T-Bone joined Bad Wizard, and both women toured the world. But when their time with those bands ended, they realized they really missed the rush of trading guitar solos with one another, leaving audiences howling with joy.

They will hit the road in 2018 in support of 'Spiritus'

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