Jerry Richards
& The Evening Shadows

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60’s Special with Cliff Richard & The Shadows Night:
Featuring Jerry Richards & The Evening Shadows

Featuring Jerry Richards from ‘Stars In Their Eyes’ as Cliff Richard, The Evening Shadows take you back to the time when Cliff was THE chart topper with hits like: The Young Ones, Living Doll, Move It, Summer Holiday, Bachelor Boy, Do You Wanna Dance?, Dynamite, On The Beach, I Could easily Fall In Love With You, Please Don't Tease, Gee Whiz Its You, Don't Talk To Him, Dancing Shoes etc...

Take a nostalgic trip back and enjoy Cliff & The Shadows as they would have sounded back in the sixties with The Evening Shadows as they recreate that memorable sound with breathtaking accuracy & authenticity

The Evening Shadows were originally formed in the early '90s. The current line up includes top musicians who have a love of the music of The Shadows and have often with played The Shadows Brian 'Licorice' Locking and Alan Jones both here in the UK and Europe, also in front of Bruce Welch and Cliff at his 60th birthday celebrations at The Dorchester in London.

Though the iconic red Fender guitars and Vox amps are used, a white Burns guitar set is often included as The Shadows used them from 1964 until the late 60's.