Led Zep Too

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Led ZepToo brings the very best of Led Zeppelin to your venue.
The band have made a name for themselves with some stunning live performances based on their ability to be able to improvise… just like the real Zep.
Led Zep Too think nothing of playing an extended three hour set if the vibe is right, and will leave you breathless like Page/Plant/Jones and Bonham used to do.
In short Led Zep Too plays the best of Led Zeppelin as a live gig rather than trying to reproduce the studio sound. And let’s face it was when Zeppelin played live that they were at their best!
With some typical extended versions of 'Dazed & Confused' and 'Whole Lotta Love' plus favourites like ‘Black Dog’, ‘Kashmir’, and of course ‘Stairway to Heaven’, this band takes you to the heart of Classic Rock.
So take a trip back in time and catch Led Zep Too doing it as only Led Zeppelin could, live, loud and proud!