Lee Thompson's
Like Father Like Son

The famed sax player from MADNESS brings together a special band including his son, to perform Madness hits and left-field Beatles material such as Hey Bulldog and even some Ska!

Like Father, Like Son is literally a chip off the old block.

Unlike the Bee Gees, Jackson 5 or the Osmonds, L.F.L.S. have the watchful eye of their mentors to guide their siblings along the path of righteousness in times of Rock n’ Roll (And, on occasion, vice versa)

Their music cradles in the arms of: Paul Simon & Wings with Jamacian undercurrents, only to be given a rude awakening by the dulcet tones of Clive Dunn, Tommy Cooper & the late great, Mr Ian Dury.

The Band formed their relationship on Day 1.

Kevin “Born Ready” Burdett replaced his nappy for a Twin Neck Fender.

Daniel Burdett invested in Acoustic & Electric guitars by trading in his Karaoke machine.

Nick “Judder” Judd (ex: Sharks) found his night shifts degrading & fruitless.” Things are looking up, I’m now plucking a red hot Bass”, he recently told a Barnet Times journalist.

Alex Judd was going places until, fortunately, the “Dark Horse” acquired some keyboards.

Lee “Friend of the People” Thompson ( Madness,Crunch!) has been given a Voice, Saxophone & Parole for some unknown reason.

Daley Thompson carries out jam rolls, ham rolls & Rim Shots with Keith Moon precision, he has his eyebrows.

Nurture them by getting out of your pram the next time they visit your garden...