Little Freddie King Band

Mississippi born Freddie has been working out of New Orleans most of his life, honing his swamp boogie, soulful blues style! (see attached flyer for details).

"One of the last great country blues players, Little Freddie King...lives the blues. He stays in a rundown apartment, in a deteriorating neighbourhood, with a domineering wife. He rides a rickety bicycle to and from a downtown, where he rebuilds alternators. He is tormented by ulcers and headaches, but playing his cheap pawn shop guitar makes him feel a little better at the end of the day."
Jeff Hannusch - Offbeat Magazine

His Album "You Don't Know What I Know" has over-driven guitar, steady drum & bass lines and finally, a harmonica player with taste. With themes of partying, drinking and crack heads Little Freddie King does an excellent job at painting a picture of the New Orleans that he knows today.