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The 7 piece band is based round the songs of Jorgen Johansson and the brothers Lars Paulstrom on guitar and Niklas Paulstrom guitarist/Keyboard player.

Hailing from Hassleholm, the band appears to have made it to the States, via the university town of Lund, South Sweden.

But the core trio apart, this is a real band with their own style, albeit with a derivative Roots Rock sweep of Americana that will appeal to all those of a certain age who remember bands from little over a decade ago such as The Long Ryders, or on the international stage Tom Petty.

For make no mistake this album is crammed full of anthems such as the beefy riffed “Ordinary Man”, and the suitably titled “Everything is Everything”. There are some numbers of sweeping melodies, insinuating riffs and even if it does occasionally get a little frenetic in a post punk way, as on “Let’s Get Drunk” - which might have been written for Jason & The Scorchers – it’s all nothing less than inspiring. The up tempo rocker “Camel Dance” offers a more commercial bent, but this is a band that rarely strays from its unique course.

Loserville have already ingratiated themselves with Nashville and have hit the East Coast from Boston to New York, and while many US bands such as Slobberbone continue to aspire, “Welcome To Loserville” suggests Loserville already have it all, right down to the David Lynch style narratives of “Angelina Boulevard” and “Bullitts”.

A much bigger audience awaits this band with great songs, no little swagger and oodles of road imagery and vocalist who even manages to roll his “rrr’s” in a southern drawl. Swedish Roots Rock never sounded so good.

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Everything Is Everything
Camel Dance

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