James & Lucky Peterson

"If You Can't Fix It '" JSP Records

While guitarist/organ playing vocalist Lucky has carved a niche for himself in Europe, his blues vocalising father is probably less known than his son.

Apparently the two have worked together on and off since the late 60's when Lucky was the tender age of five! Either way, the pairing is a master stroke, as good player that he is Lucky is not blessed with the world's greatest vocal style... His dad on the other hand has a rough edged soulful blues voice that comes to the fore on the title track as well as on the caustic "Cripple Man" and the heartfelt "Too Young To Die".

Ironically the album's one instrumental "Get Down" is just about the stand out track, beng driven by an insistent bass line from Mike Nunno, with Lucky adding both telling organ and guitar parts.

A fine album then, that is an excellent showcase for a father and son team that works superbly well.

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If You Can't Fix It

Get Down


James and Lucky Peterson were number 5 in the Nov 2004 playlist

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