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40th Anniversay Tour
with the return of Phil Ryan

"One of Wales' Most enduring & influential groups" - BBC Wales

Legendary west coast influenced psychedelic guitar band Man celebrate their 40th anniversary with the great news that keyboard player Phil Ryan (co-writer of "Bananas', 'Spunk Rock' & "C'mon) is back in the band.
Man's turbulent career has included chart albums such as 'Back into the Future, "Be Good To Yourself At Least One A Day", "Rhinos, Winos & Lunatics" , and "Maximum Darkness" with John Cipollina, while last years "Diamonds & Coal " was almost a career best.

The returning Phil Ryan teams up with Martin Ace, Bob Richards (Rockpile) George Jones (Micky's son) & Josh Ace (Martin's son) who have written new Man classic like "Diamonds & Coal", "Man of Misery", "Freedom Fries" and starred at the 2007 Cambridge Rock Festival.

Formed in 1968 when The Bystanders traded their pop hits for Man's psychedelic rock, the new line-up also boasts a "Live in Monmouth Festival" DVD while last year's successful German tour was Man's best for years. Older fans will love the revamped "C'Mon", the extended "Spunk Rock" jam & the barnstorming "Romain", the climactic "Many Are Called But Few Get Up" & of course the hippy anthem "Bananas". This is the most exciting Man line-up for years, what better way to celebrate their anniversary!

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