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After forming six years ago, Manti has developed into more than just any old band. Having built a studio tailored to their needs, Manti has been able to nurture the talents of its members, while still remaining faithful to the music they produce.

Working hard during their scheduled three times a week practices, David , Donna and Rupert have built an extensive repertoire of classic and modern rock, both covers and originals, all of which can be heard on their albums and at their gigs.

Manti play a seductive mixture of covers from great artists and bands such as Bryan Adams, Bon Jovi, Aerosmith, Pink Floyd and Robbie Williams. They also have written their own music which draws from a diversity of styles such as “Can You Feel It” based on garage rock, “Take It Away” influenced by 90's Brit Pop, “Velvet Skies” inspired by early progressive rock and “Seconds Out” which takes its sound from modern blues.

Although they focus on studio work during the week, Manti has played privately and publicly all over the south of England.

Through Rupert's unmistakeable stage personality and funky bass lines, David's raw vocals and rocking guitar, Donna's energetic and precision drumming and fabulous light show, Manti achieve a relaxed informal atmosphere juxtaposed with a highly polished and professional performance resulting in an audio and visual explosion of unforgettable live entertainment.