Mick Taylor

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The brilliant slide guitarist whose career has included The Rolling Stones / Bob Dylan / John Mayall's Blues Breakers is one of the most underrated guitarists in the world, but with a cracking new band he’s about to put that right.

Mick's all star band is:
Denny Newman - guitar (Manfred Mann's Earth Band/The Pirates)
Kuma Harada - bass (Snowy White/John Martyn/Van Morrison)
Max Middleton - keys (Jeff Beck/Chris Rea/Jack Bruce)
Jeff Allan - drums (Snowy White/John Martyn/Van Morrison)

 Mick's album A Stone's Throw with Kuma Harada on bass was re-released in 2000 on Cannonball Records and has sold extremely well in the USA, meaning more dates over there and less here. But happily hes back!


Mick is one of the most stunning guitarists in the world. His tones are warm and rich, and are totally unique. Bob Dylan