Noddy's Puncture

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The Pre: "Emerson Lake & Palmer - HIGH VOLTAGE weekend"

The Emerson, Lake and Palmer tribute band Noddy's Puncture was the brainchild of keyboard wizard Tom Szakaly. He formed the band from the ashes of cult rock band Shanghai. Tom had decided to forge a band, which would fulfil his own musical ambitions and encompass his love of the music of ELP. Together with Adey McDermott on drums and vocals and Mark Conroy on bass and vocals his band came to fruition and they gradually gained a following playing ELP material together with some rock classics.
Over the coming years the band progressed and earned a reputation amongst many ELP fans and as this reputation grew so did Tom's keyboard pyrotechnics...
At their appearance at the 25th Anniversary Convention in Birmingham in 1995 Noddy's Puncture played a storming set, with a review from the ELP fanzine Impressions writing "Tom Szakaly strode the stage like a colossus..."