The One Eyed Bishops

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With The One Eyed Bishops, Mike Burro explores several genres of traditional and non traditional musical styles. Primarily driven by his love of skiffle & blues, the band plays obscure gems by individuals such as Lonnie Donegan,Chas McDevitt, The Vipers, Chuck Berry, Elas McDaniel, Chester Burnett, Jimmy Reed & Rufus Thomas as well as Richmond R&B tunes, made great by bands such as The Downliners Sect, Yardbirds, Screaming Lord Sutch etc. Throw in the Hawkwind connection, and you end up with The One Eyed Bishops. The OEBs also have a psychedelic nature, and although they sometimes perform very 'straight' traditional music, the sets tend to have a fluidity brought on by improvisation, rotating personnel and a love of the festival life. Recently the band played Hawkwind's private 'Hawkfestival' in Devon, UK. At that show, the band blew through old standards as well as Burro's original material with a great sense of 'spirit'

The OEBs are trying to bring the influence of skiffle out of the woodwork and back into contemporary music; the result is The one Eyed Bishops.