An American Roots Special
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With Kevin Montgomery, Doug Pettibone and The Mavericks' Rhythm Section (USA).

Doug Pettibone, Robert Reynolds, Paul Deakin, and Kevin MontgomeryMEMBERS OF MAVERICKS IN TOP COUNTRY PACKAGE

One of the most ambitious and exciting American roots and Country packages to hit these shores in years. ROBERT REYNOLDS and PAUL DEAKIN from the million selling Country rock band THE MAVERICKS, team up with acclaimed singer song writer/guitarist KEVIN MONGOMERY (see below) and multi instrumentalist DOUG PETTIBONE for a very special show. Completing the bill is the highly rated Austin, Texas singer song writer TRISH MURPHY.

Best described as the very best in contemporary Country and Roots Music, this unique package sets out to prove that there is a brand of meaningful, brilliantly played contemporary Country music that fuses meaningful song writing, and dazzling playing. What sets these artists apart from many on the Country scene is that they are versatile enough to draw on a wide ranging number of influenced from Steve Earl through to Bob Dylan, and they refuse to be bound by the old fashioned Nashville straight jacket.

While Kevin has garnered an excellent reputation for exciting festival appearances, Petti Bone is regarded as one of the most compelling multi instrumentalists and live performers on the circuit. Last year Kevin and the boys appeared with Sir Paul McCartney no less, showing just how versatile country music can be.

Add possibly the best rhythm section in the world, with the duo from the Mavericks, and the lyrical playing and stunning songs of Trish Murphy, and you have possibly the best American Roots package to hit these shores for years.

Kevin Montgomery is dedicated to music in the vein of Steve Earle, Chris Knight, Big House, Jack Ingram and a whole generation of like-minded introspective, populist hell-raisers. He grew up in Music Row's mainstream; father Bob Montgomery, a one-time Buddy Holly collaborator, is a veteran country songwriter and producer, while his mother used to work as a Nashville session singer.

As a writer, Kevin has also enjoyed mainstream recognition, with cuts by Juice Newton, Martina McBride and others. He recorded a long-forgotten album for A&M some six years ago, but Another Long Story is quite a different proposition altogether. This record is proof positive you don't need superstar status, corporate publishing ties or a mid-six figure advance to sign great talent, find exceptional songs and record an album actually worth 15 quid. Though the title tune starts with a too-familiar guitar lick, this ode to a troubled life grows on you. There's something so darn likeable about this little groove and his unforced, sincere delivery. Lookin' Out For No.1 boasts a hypnotic backbeat, an ear-catching guitar twang and an extremely inventive lyric. Let's All Go To California has big fat guitars and muscular rhythm; swirling production and fabulously catchy melody; drawling vocal sincerity and a commanding vibe.

This year promises to be a good one for Kevin Montgomery and Pettibone-- a new cd, a new video, solid airplay on both, and lots of good times on the road.