Pat O'Bryan

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Austin, Texas, USA

In The world of Blues Music, Texas holds an enviable reputation for giving us some of the most exciting, innovative and influential musicians; hailing from Austin, Texas, Pat O'Bryan is no exception.

Part of the early 80’s Blues explosion which made household names of ZZTop and Stevie Ray Vaughan, saw O’Bryan cut his teeth in the same bars and clubs as these legends, often sharing the stage. O'Bryan built a solid reputation as a phenomenal slide guitarist and a deeply soulful vocalist, with his trademark battered steel guitar and equally battered cowboy hat. Chewing a big ol’ Texan size cigar it seemed O’ Bryan was destined to follow his old friends on to the world stage.

Personal tragedy struck which saw him bringing up his children alone, with touring commitments cut to a minimum. He devoted more time to his recording studio business which found him producing, and often playing on, records for many young acts; mostly young rappers and heavy rock bands.

With the children now grown up and the studio business on the back burner, Pat O’Bryan is back doing what he does best, flooring audiences with his explosive guitar style and larger than life personality. With a guitar style reminiscent of an in form Stevie Ray Vaughan or a Johhnie Winters and the rootsy soul vocals of a loud John Hiatt, O’Bryan is an artist not to be missed..