Pat Travers Band

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My name is Pat Travers and this is my band’!

From Toronto to London, world renowned Canadian rock/blues guitarist originally made his name with some hard gigging in the 70’s, a self titled debut album in ‘76 and the ‘Heat On The Street’ and live album ‘Live! Go for what you Know’ albums, which influenced a generation of players.

He’s known for his killer tone and his rock anthems ‘Snorting Whiskey, Drinking Cocaine’ and ‘Boom Boom, Out Go the Lights’ are still rock staples. Since then he’s cut over 20 albums including the acclaimed ‘Crash & Burn’ and the hi production ‘Black Pearl’ and he will be touring behind recently released best ever album ‘Fidelus’.

Back in the 70’s Punk dwarfed the music scene, PT carried on rocking, almost single handily proving there was still a thriving rock/blues market as he starred at the Reading Rock Festival.

He toured with Rush, AC/DC and then Rainbow across the USA before releasing a ground breaking video project ‘Just Another Killer day’.

With non stop touring and legion of ‘Hammerhead’ fans PT is guaranteed his place in rock/blues history as evidenced by his part in the ‘Voices of Rock’ tour and the hit ‘Rock Forever’ with Leslie West.