Phil Dearing & Blue Train

"Drive Coffin Fast" Wastefull Music

Phil Dearing & Blue TrainEven after some cursory research I don't know much about Phil Dearing, but what is clear from this album is that aside from being a fine player with an augmented band for this recording, he is an accomplished song writer with a fine debut album.

The instrumental opener "Where's The Tin" eases you in gently and the following impressive "Platform Five" is a lyrical working day slice of the blues. Phil's vocals are the right side of passable but strong enough to bring a fine collection of songs to life. "Feel The Love In Me" is the first of a number of big band arrangements with a full blown horn section, of which "Half The Time" is the most impressive.

There's also a guitar/piano led smokin' blues "St James" and a slow burning atmospheric blues "Southside", which again is nicely padded out by horns, and draws its lyrical content from London life observations. The penultimate acoustic rocker "Do Nothing" also features some ripping piano from Luke Howard one of several musical accomplished guests on an album well worth exploring.

Here are some clips from Drive Coffin Fast:
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Half The Time



Phil Dearing and Blue Train were number 10 in the Nov 2004 Playlist

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