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Well, it had to happen, so many people asked us for a Rory Gallagher night, and we've come up with a band that play everything from the legendary "Live In Europe" album, through "Blueprint" to Rory's later Demon recording days, including "Jinx".

The band that has spent the last three years taking Rory’s greatest musical moments back to Ireland , at last make their London debut.We’ve been asked countless times for a good Rory G band, well now you have oneas Raw Gallagher take you from the early years of Taste through the whole of Rory’s back catalogue, taking in such live favourites as “Out On The WesternPlain”; “Bullfrog Blues; “Shadow Play”; “Messin’ With the Kid” &“Laundromat”.

You are in for a classic scorching guitar-led rock blues feast that marked the late Rory Gallagher as the best in the business.

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