The Stolen Bibles

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San Francisco's Stolen Bibles bring West Coast Funk, Soul and Blues to the South East

One of San Francisco's most exciting bands, The Stolen Bibles, return to play another exclusive date in London.

Led by Ace San Francisco Guitarist/Songwriter Tony Mattioli, the Stolen Bibles have for long been recognised as one of the area's most popular cult Band. And with the release of their debut European Album Release, the band is beginning to make a mark on the international circuit.

The Stolen Bibles comprise some of the Bay Area's hottest players as evinced on the new album "Medicine Show": Keyboard player Dan Eisenberg, best known for his work with Ryan Adams and Shelby Lynn, compliment Mattioli's wild and soulful on stage presence.

Counting Crowe's guitarist Dave Emergluck and Steve Bradley from No Doubt were part of the recording team for The Bibles first major full release "The Medicine Show", and the touring band are even more exciting.

Drummer Dave Tweedie and legendary bass guitarist Geoff Brennan, along with John Wilson (Tupac, George Clinton) compliment the Bibles cross genre sound.

As well fronting this Premier League band, showman Tony Mattioli has been a big hit at some of the larger festivals on the US Circuit, opening for The Allman Brothers and The Grateful Dead amongst others.
From The big festival stages to Jamming with Legendary Bluesman Joe Louis Walker, the Stolen Bibles never fail to deliver.

The band will be joined on their UK tour by Micky Kemp, one of the Britain's leading interpreters of Americana music. Aside from his owned handful of albums, Mick is a regular on the Austin music circuit in Texas, and will open on all the Bibles UK dates.

Here are some audio clips from the CD Medicine Show:
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(AM radio)
Iridescent El Dorado
It Doesn't Matter

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