The Stone Electric

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The Stoned Electric are a brilliant band” - Classic Rock

One of the unexpected live highlights of 2010, this brother /sister outfit of Noni Crow on Janis Joplin style vocals and bass and Austin Crow on wah wah drenched psychedelic guitar cross over stoner rock (hence the name?) to heavy rock blues.

There's coruscating riffs aplenty, thumping hooks, spacey licks and Noni's arresting voice that could shatter a window at 50 paces.

The Stone Electric is a gloriously retro band with their own take on a familiar genre, mined so effectively by The Black Crows and Lenny Kravitz.

Together with their punchy rhythm section the band bring a contemporary twist to their brand of rock blues which most obviously references Janis Joplin but also nuances Humble Pie with the Stones’ intensity and Zeppelin style power. This is a band that grabs you by the throat and doesn’t let go until delivering a killer hook

Their current self titled debut album does what it says on the cover, stoner rock, awesome grooves, killer solos and that voice!

Noni is a warrior princess” - Classic Rock