Tyla Gang
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Tyla Gang were born inside Sean Tyla’s head in late 1975. Having led the legendary pioneers of British pub-rock, Ducks Deluxe from obscurity to mini- stardom in three years, he sought a new challenge. He craved to conceive a far more aggressive and decibel defying out?t with which to assault the public ear. Various line-ups were tried and tested, demos made but nothing seemed to gell. Though money was tight, Tyla turned down offers to produce the Sex Pistol’s studio debut and augment a fledgling Motörhead, such was his determination to realise his goal. Almost a year after the Ducks final concert at London’s 100 Club in June 1975, the finite Tyla Gang line-up appeared. Tyla on vocals and guitars, Canadian axe man, Bruce Irvine on Lead guitar and ex-Winkies, Michael Desmarais on drums and Brian ‘Kid’ Turrington on Bass guitar.

After a solid year of touring both on their own and with the likes of AC/DC, Rush, Golden Earring, Pat Travers and the Doctors Of Madness, the Gang became the first British act to be signed by trendy US indie, Beserkley Records. They had been courted by Island, Polydor and Chrysalis and indeed, were the second 'signing' at UK music industry usurpers, Stiff Records, [resulting in the zany label’s fourth single release, ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre Boogie/ Styrafoam’] before prickly relations with Dave Robinson brought the association to a swift end. But, the Gang finally chose the Californian-based outfit as their platform for an assault on their ultimate prize - the US market. Their first Beserkley release, ‘Yachtless’ in 1977, received heavy FM airplay in the US and cemented their status as a major headlining act in Europe, rubber- stamped by their triumphant and critically acclaimed performance at the now legendary, ground-breaking, 2nd International Punk Festival at Mont de Marsan, France in 1977.

Unfortunately, Beserkley's US distributor ran into financial difficulties and healthy orders stimulated by continuous radio exposure were never filled. The Gang ploughed on but 1978's 'Moonproof', produced by Beserkley CEO, Mathew King Kaufman and Joan Jett & the Blackhearts manager and producer, Kenny Laguna failed to appear in the US as the label's distribution problems continued. During this period, Brian Turrington left the band for personal reasons and was replaced by ex-Help Yourself and Man bassist, Ken Whaley.

Refusing to be discouraged, Sean and the Gang continued to tour the length and breadth of the UK and Europe throughout 1978 and indeed, recorded a third album in the September of that year only to learn a month later that Beserkley had decided to cease operations in the UK. Sean and Bruce had begun to mix the new album in San Francisco but it was eventually shelved and lost. Sadly, a disillusioned Gang disbanded. Sean then embarked on a successful solo career, based in Germany, retiring in 1985.

Tyla came back onto the scene in 2007 with a reformed Ducks Deluxe and has spent the ensuing years gigging around the UK, Scandinavia and Europe again. As usual, one project is just not enough to keep Sean happy and in the Fall of 2009 he set about tracking down the original members of the Tyla Gang. He got lucky.
Everyone was up for the chance to play together again and once more, this great band has hit the road again. After a hugely successful 2010, the band entered the studio and cut a brand new album, ‘Stereo Tactics’. They toured the album to great acclaim in 2013. In 2013, John McCoy [Gillan, Mammoth, Samson] replaced Brian Turrington on bass guitar and famous Swedish multi-instrumentalist, Max Lorentz also joined the Gang on keyboards, guitar and vocals.
A new live CD, ‘Live In Stockholm’ is due in 2014 as is a DVD/CD set, ‘Live At Rockpalast 1978’. In addition, the band will also enter the studio with multi-platinum selling Grammy award-winning producer, Tony Platt in August 2014 to record a new album.