The Young Chancers with The Mods

Live at
BoomBoomLIVE, Sutton, Friday 29th August 2003

The Young Chancers are barely 13 years old, and play the music of two generations ago with an intuitive feel that belies their young years.

The Boom Boom support slot was even stranger because the four piece opened for The Mods, a band that play the music of the 60’s (brilliantly) for an audience of a certain era. The result was a standing ovation.

Yes of course, given their age, they were accorded a sympathy vote, but the Young Chancers weren’t there to make up the numbers.

David Loosely on percussion, Charles Pinch on bas and guitar, Phillip Goodman on vocals and bass, and George Perkins on drums, gave a thrilling account of themselves.

The band’s confident playing is born of hours of rehearsal, the songs varying from some of the their own impressive material (already committed to DVD and CD) to Santana’s “Evil Ways” and even “Woolly Bully”.

Highlight of an amazing 40 minute set was a tough reading of a bluesy song “Chicago”, and a mid set drum solo, on which the diminutive George Perkins used all of a borrowed drum kit to maximum effect.

Oh and then there was The Mods, who played an absolute blinder, bringing fresh life to classic material from Spencer Davis to Steve Marriott and beyond.

In short, a great night.

Pete Feenstra - RealMusicLIVE